Leapknot Coffee Roasters –  6071 West Buckskin Rd. Pocatello, ID 83201

To contact us please call Travis at (432) 352-3310 or email us at



Meet the Roasters


Travis Voskamp

(432) 352-3310

Travis started roasting his own beans after a friend introduced him to the gloriousness of fresh roasted coffee.  He enjoyed the process so much that he found every opportunity to roast for others, forcing mason jars of fresh beans on anyone who came into his home.  His love for coffee and the ability it has to bring people together is what inspired him to start Leapknot Coffee Roasters.  He likes his coffee strong and black and in a Louisville Slugger mug.


Megan Voskamp

A coffee drinker from an early age, Megan has always loved a cup of joe for its hot and caffeinated qualities, but like her husband Travis, she loves the way saying, “Want a cup of coffee?” instantly makes people want to sit and talk and stay awhile.  She likes her coffee smooth with a bit of vanilla and half and half in it, and replaced the carpet in their house to match the color of her coffee since all her kids kept spilling it.





Matt Slavik

(501) 749-1118

Matt joined the Leapknot crew in March of 2017.  Matt is now the head roaster and social media guru of Leapknot. He loves sports and being outdoors and he loves his coffee black and in his favorite Duke mug.