1. What makes fresh roasted coffee so great?

Fresh means full of flavor, aroma, and yummy goodness.   The taste and smell of fresh roasted coffee has no equal. It is what coffee was meant to taste like. It is what coffee used to dream about being when it was young and full of hope. After you have your first cup you will get it. Why not get it now? Life is too short not to drink truly great coffee.

2. Is it expensive?

It takes 60 grams of coffee to brew a full measure of our 6-cup Chemex Brewer. 60 grams,(2oz.). of our coffee costs around $2.32. Is 6 cups of amazing Chemex coffee worth $2.32? Absolutely, considering what a single cup of drip coffee costs at your local coffee shop. There is really no comparison when it comes to fresh roasted coffee.  Having coffee roasted and immediately sent to your home is worth the price you pay.  You will not be disappointed.

3. If I buy Leapknot, does it mean I am a coffee snob?

I don’t think so, but it does mean you have good taste.  Our coffee has nothing to do with status, it has everything to do with reclaiming the excellence of the artisan way.  We hope you buy our coffee because it tastes amazing, not because you think it makes you look cooler.

4. What made you start a coffee roasting company?

Why not?  My wife and I have enjoyed coffee for a long time and dreamed of starting something that would give us a chance to drink coffee, talk with people, and create something for others with our own hands.  Roasting coffee and connecting to others is our passion.  A great cup of coffee is one of the few things that still makes people stop, sit, and simply be still for a while.  We want to be part of keeping that tradition alive.

5. I was given the gift of a coffee subscription to the “Roaster’s Choice,” can I choose a different subscription?

Yes. You can always change your subscription to suit your tastes, simply fill out the contact form below or email us at and we will make the change.


6. When will my order be processed?

We roast our coffee Monday through Thursday and ship it to you as fast as we can. If we do not have your coffee on hand from the weeks roasting we will roast and have your order out the door within 24hrs.


7. Grind Options?

Our grind options include whole bean so you can grind it yourself, home espresso which is really fine for making espresso, auto drip for your standard coffee pot, Keurig, or pour over, chemex for your chemex, and French press for – you guessed it – your French press.


8. How do I get my coffee?

When you checkout on there are 3 options for receiving your coffee – we can ship it to you via USPS which usually takes 2-3 days, we can hand deliver it to you like the good ole days if you’re in Pocatello/Chubbuck, Idaho. And finally you can swing by the roastery on Wednesdays 9:00 to 6:30 here in Pocatello. Our roastery address is 6071 W. Buckskin Rd. Pocatello, ID 83201


9. What is a leapknot?

“An interlacing of coffee & people striving to live uncommon lives”. Megs and I came up with this definition on one of our roadtrips, we want this roastery to be about more than coffee, we want to Dream Big and Inspire others!


Didn’t find your answer? Contact us at or call us, 432-352-3310.