Dream Big. Inspire Others. Why Not?

Why not? It’s more than a slogan, it is the anthem of our customers. Leapknot Coffee not only brings fresh roasted coffee to your door, we deliver a daily reminder that your life can be full of flavor and joy as you go after your dreams and share them with others. Here’s to overcoming fear and making leaps towards living the kind of story you imagined.


Ridiculously fresh coffee delivered to your door. You choose how much and how often you want it delivered and we take care of the rest!


Roasting and brewing coffee is an art form. Learn about the processes of roasting and brewing to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.

About Us

Leapknot is a family owned business. Learn more about the Voskamp family and their story.


Leapknot sells more than just coffee. To get all the gear and coffee accessories you need check out the Leapknot store.