Why Not?!

We have been on a mission to say ‘Why Not?!’, more often. Too many years, and missed moments go by with us saying “No” to them. We have a motto, and we strive everyday to live by it. Sometimes we come out on top, sometimes we learn a lesson. Let’s hope our motto reminds you to go for it!….

Why Not?!…We’ve Done Dumber Sh*t!

- Nate & Jen Solomon

Be bold! Drink Ridiculously Fresh Coffee... Why Not?!

This is us. Your Leapknot Coffee Roasters, the Solomon’s. Nate, Jen, Tuff, and Hunter. We took over Leapknot in 2020, and haven’t looked back!

In 2012, Travis and Megan Voskamp had a friend introduce them to the wonderful world of fresh roasted coffee. When a new season was calling to Trav & Meg, it was a perfect fit for us to keep Leapknot alive and roasting. The love of community, customers, and coffee that both the Voskamp’s & Solomon’s share, made a smooth transition, and we haven’t skipped a beat!